Michael C. Hall Explains How Harrison Renews Dex's Appetite For Humanity

New Michael C. Hall interview for TVLine.com!

“Just as audiences were unsatisfied, I think it was far from supremely satisfying for us,” Michael C. Hall told website TVLine, “and a big part of our motivation to put a better taste in people’s mouths.”

In the upcoming season, Dexter's long-lost son Harrison shows up, and the he proves to be “a force to be reckoned with.”

“The richness of that relationship and that exploration is a big part of what we’re up to, and a big part of why this felt like a story worth telling,” says Michael. “It felt like the right time.” 

He also revealed that Deb's return to the franchise “immediately felt essential.”

“Dexter’s relationship with his sister was the fundamental relationship throughout the series proper. It always felt difficult to not have that be a component. It felt necessary that it wouldn’t be given that she’s dead, but this is Dexter. We have certain liberties.”

Michael hopes Dexter: New Blood will “redefine what people’s final experience of this character might be.”

When asked how fans are going to react to his character’s new swan song, the actor said: “Strongly.” 


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