A Killer Cameo Is Coming This Sunday On The 100th Episode of Dexter ‘H is for Hero’

Brace yourselves for a cool cameo in the upcoming episode.


Killer scoop! This Sunday's episode titled "H is for Hero" will be the 100th of Dexter, and it's going to be special. A significant character from the original series is going make a brief appearance during the episode. Find out who this character is, below!



During the first 10-12 minutes of episode 4 "H is for Hero" there will be a screenshot cameo of Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer, on Molly Park's true crime podcast website.

Back in late June, Deadline exclusively revealed that John Lithgow is going to appear in the new season of Dexter. The actor went to Massachusetts in early July to film his "flashback" Trinity scenes, which  will be probably shown during the final episodes of the season.

Hello, Arthur Mitchell.


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