Showtime Gives Us A Closer Look At Jim Lindsay's Driver License - New Identity, New Date of Birth For Dexter

Hello, James-Jim-Jimmy-Jimbo Lindsay!


The official Dexter on Showtime account on Twitter just shared the above photo that shows Jim Lindsay's driver license from Dexter: New Blood. As you can see, it was issued on April 6th 2017 and it expires on the same day in 2022. Is his date of birth a nod at the Dexter Season 2 OST by Daniel Licht called April Sixth? You can listen to the track at the end of this article!

"A new mask means a new name".

What's more interesting is the fact that Dexter is now three years younger compared to the original series. He's DOB is now on April 6th, 1974, and his legit one is on February 1st, 1971 (same as Michael C. Hall's actual birth date).

Dexter: New Blood will be taking place in real time, which means Dexter will be... 47 years old in the upcoming season!

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