One Year Ago Today...

...was a huge day for Dexter fans around the globe.

Being away has been murder. October 14, 2020 - October 14, 2021. It 's been one year since the big announcement about Dexter Morgan's return! 

It was 4pm ET when the official Dexter on Showtime account announced via Twitter the highly anticipated come back of America's favorite serial killer, seven years after the original ending. A decision that made every Dexter fan... genuinely happy!

In early 2021, Clyde Phillips told Adam Ferrara about the decision to reboot Dexter: "Showtime called me up and the I sat with my writing assistant and we kinda knew the parameters of where they wanted it to take place, so we sat and talked, and talked, and talked, for days, and days, and days, and then I wrote up a draft of where I saw the season generally to be. Then, I went to New York to meet with Michael C. Hall and run this by him and talked for an hour, he had a couple of questions and then he said "I love it, I'm in, give me a hug". Then I called showtime, they were delighted, then I put together the writing staff ."

"I flew back to LA in August, we set up offices we set up the big boards in the writing room. For the first weeks we just do what we call NPO, which is no particular order, just sh*t we'd like to see happen in the new season. And we put all those on the board and I'd say a third of them stayed. We knew where it was going to end. As you know I write mystery novels and... you gotta know the ending."

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Carpenter revealed that the idea of a Dexter revival started getting serious in the Spring of 2019. "Michael and I have stayed in touch and throughout the years and he would bring it up with what would seem like simple questions, but are actually very difficult. Should we? Could we? How would that look? Would you want to do it? Around May of 2019, it started to get quite real. I was in Los Angeles doing some press and I went over to Showtime's offices to have a conversation about whether Deb would be involved. Some things I felt inspired to say on her behalf. I also just wanted to listen about what it would look like. Dexter was around when cable TV was starting to raise the bar of what content could look like. Fans have been so loyal and enthusiastic. So I wanted certain things from it on their behalf before I was ready to go back".

Where are we today, one year later? 

After eight months, and 119 successful and COVID-free days of shooting in 52 cities and towns in Massachusetts, Dexter wrapped production in late July. 

What we know: All of the new cast members, some of the returning cast members, we've seen dozens of teasers, a sneak peek trailer, the official trailer, posters, episode stills. 

And we're more that ready for Dexter: New Blood which debuts in just 24 days!

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