The Dexter Season 8 (Series) Finale Aired 8 Years Ago Today - Grade It!

Time flies! It's been eight years since that finale!


Today marks eight years since Dexter's original ending. It was Sunday, September 22, 2013 when the notorious Dexter series finale aired on Showtime. The 96th episode of the show was called "Remember The Monsters?" and it was written by (former) showrunner Scott Buck, Manny Coto, and directed by Steve Shill.

After all these years the last episode of Dexter is considered by the majority of fans and critics as the worst series finale of any TV show, ever. One of the most recent finales that earned almost the same amount of negative criticism, is the Game of Thrones series finale which aired 27 months ago.

What's your opinion on the Dexter Season 8 finale after all these years? Grade the final episode of the original series, below! Plus, see here the first reactions by the fans here on DexterDaily, right after the finale aired on Showtime!

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