Michael C. Hall Teases Season 9: “I Have A Sense Of What It's Going To Feel Like”

Michael talks Dexter revival in a new interview for Telegraph.


In an all-new interview for Telegraph, Dexter star Michael C. Hall talks about the 'frustrating' 2013 finale of the series, what to expect in season nine, his band 'Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum' and more. 

Read the interview, below!

Michael C. Hall: “The ending of the series was one that was at best confounding, if not deeply frustrating for people. But I do think that the way it ended is a part of what set the stage for us to return to it and find out what happened to him.”

“We're still in the midst of shooting it, but we're far enough along that I have a sense of what it's going to feel like. And I think for all of us involved in the project, there's some wistfulness over the fact that how mystifying the way it ended was, and a sense of responsibility and purpose that infuses our work this time around. A desire to kind of… make things right."

Telegraph: Despite Hall’s clean-shaven face, can he confirm that Dexter is no longer a lumberjack – please? 

“He always was!” he smiles. “He's only chopping down the bad trees.”

“Dexter, doesn't really listen to music that much. But I think there were actually some moments in this new season where he actually is listening to music, either because it was presented to him or because it's playing on the radio. Which has been fun. But I used to think he just listened to, like, some obscure AM radio station that just played marching bands."

Telegraph: Perhaps he's secretly an Abba fan. 

“Yeah, that sounds right, actually!” [laughs]. 

If you're interested in Michael's band "Princess Goes...", you can click here for the full interview.

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