Dexter Revival Shooting In Worcester - Set Photos From Two Different Filming Spots (May 10-12)

Worcester, Massachusetts is one of this week's filming locations for Dexter.

Craig Semon

This house in the city of Worcester is one of this week's shooting locations. As you can see in the image above, crew members are preparing the house located in Flagg St. for some interior filming. We don't know which actors are going to be involved in that scene.

More pics from the house such as from another 'mysterious' filming location in the center of Worcester, below. Minor spoilers!

Dexter crew preparing the interior of the house for a scene.

Craig Semon

They sealed the windows of the house, maybe for some night scenes?

Craig Semon


Large white tents were set up in downtown Worcester on Monday May 10 for 'Dexter'. It was completely unclear what these tents are about until we found another pic. 

Christine Peterson

Dexter location manager Rosario Corso posted a short video on his account which appears to be in 'Worcester Common' in front of the white tent which is fully equiped and ready for filming. Not sure what kind of event is going to take place inside this tent, but it definitely looks interesting...! 

Rosario Corso

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