Dexter Revival Scoop! - Dexter Morgan's New Job In Season 9 Revealed - Exclusive

Lumberjack no more! Here's what Dexter does for a living in the new season.

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Dexter Morgan was working for the Miami Metro Police as a blood-spatter analyst for eight whole seasons. In the series finale he faked his own death, left his family, friends and job behind, moved to Oregon and then became a lumberjack. What does he do for a living today?

A new photo (April 12), from the set of the 10-episode limited series in Shelburne Falls, shows Michael C. Hall casually dressed, wearing two face masks for extra protection from Covid, during a break between takes. A tiny, blury detail in his green (sleeveless jacket) vest though, answers a big question about Dexter's arc in the new season!

Find out more below, and beware of spoilers!

Looks like Dexter Morgan will be working in a shop called 'Fred's Fish & Game' in Iron Lake. Continue reading for more info!

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Here's a closer look at the shop (via an exclusive photo from previous post), which is located next to the 'Iron Lake' bridge.

Dexter Daily

It is also located between a gun shop and 'Bait & Tackle' a fishing rods and boating shop.

Dexter Daily

The name of the shop sounded quite familiar to us, so we did more investigation, which led us to a casting scoop from late February. According to this THR exclusive, actor Michael Cyril Creighton will play a character Fred Jr, who is the actual owner of the store, and will appear in seven episodes of Season 9. 

He's described as hospitable and he inherited his shop from his father. Fred Jr. has grown up in Iron Lake and he is a regular fixture around town that everybody knows and loves, whether it's line dancing at the local tavern or singing in the choir. He’s married to a guy named Brian, who is the pastor of the small congregational church in Iron Lake.

'Fred's' sells stuff like snow shovels, wooden snow sleds, thermos, vests, etc. We're not sure about Dexter's exact position in this little shop (cashier maybe?), but it will be really interesting and fun to see him doing such a different job for a living.

UPDATE: It is confirmed by people around the set in Shelburne that both Michael C. Hall and Michael Cyril Creighton were spotted near the shop, wearing the same vests.

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