Dexter Season 9 - 17 Exclusive New Photos From This Week's Filming Location

More exclusive images from Dexter's set location in Shelburne Falls!

Dexter continues shooting in Shelburne Falls this week, and today DexterDaily has for you more exclusive photos from this little town in Massachusetts. The production crew did a great job decorating the village for Christmas, and the attention to detail is just amazing. Filming in the area wraps this Friday, April 16.

Take a look at some exclusive photos below, and pay special notice to a couple of announcement papers from storefronts that might be hinting stuff about the subplots of the forthcoming ninth season!

Photos with potential plot-related content are marked with yellow in their captions.

Shelburne Falls/Iron Lake decorated for Christmas.

Filming notification for the people of Shelburne.

Decorated storefront

Decorated storefront

Here's an announcement paper that might be related to the plot of Season 9.
For the people of the fictional place called 'Iron Lake'.

Another paper related to Season 9 of Dexter. 'Iron Lake' career center seeking for internships.

"Guns", "Fred's" and "Bait & Tackle" (fictional stores).

Iron Lake Tavern

Christmas Tree Drive 

Decorated deers and fake snow.

Shelburne Falls bridge, decorated.

Iron Lake kids send their letters to Santa.

More decorated Shelburne.

Fake snow and fake ice on the road.

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