Dexter Revival - Season 9 Episode 1 - Set Photos

The new season of Dexter is currently in its third week of filming.

Check out below photos from the set of the first episode of the upcoming season of Dexter, such as information about the scene they were filming yesterday, February 23rd. The show is filming under the pseudonym 'Marble'. Beware of possible spoilers!

West Boylston, MA. The original shooting date for the following scene was supposed to be Monday, but had been postponed to Tuesday. It was the one that we mentioned few weeks ago, regarding a car accident: "The character struggles with the kidnapper as the vehicle swerves and plows into a staged 'prop' sign and barrier. The character is ejected from the car, head first. Working with a traffic diversion, daytime filming of a single car 'crash' scene performed by professional stunt actor and driver under the supervision of Stunt Coordinator Jeffrey Lee Gibson. 'Crash' vehicle to be safety fitted and rigged with minimal hazardous substance (eg. low fuel and no leaking fluids)." 

(Click on the following photos to view full size).


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