WOW: Dexter Blood Spatter Gourmet Marshmallows (COUPON)

Have you had a craving to satiate your own Dark Passenger this Halloween? The appropriately-named Sugar Knife gourmet marshmallow purveyor has a delicious solution for you: they have expertly paired Godiva white chocolate liqueur with a blood orange spatter to create a work of art fit for any aspiring forensics expert or fanatical serial-killer-who-kills-other-killers. 

These quality-concocted marshmallows are produced in small batches and completely unique to others on the market, providing a bloody wicked experience this Halloween unmatched by any other sweet treat.

Sure, eating these straight out of the package would be fantastic but burning them is very tasty... Plus, as a bonus any fans that still hold a grudge over the series finale will have a grand ole time burning and eating Dexter memorabilia.

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Halloween shipping is available for domestic orders so that customers can have these mesmerizingly-sweet treats available for their party. Use them as an ominously arty decoration, then eat them like sinisterly premium candy. Sugar Knife also ships these internationally practically anywhere!

Excuse the pun, but we are sure Dexter would love to have a Sugar Knife of his own this Halloween...

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