Michael C. Hall Talks Series Finale and Spin-off: "Dexter Got What He Deserved -- If Someone Comes Up With a Spin-off Idea, I'll Look at It"

via Zap2it: Michael C. Hall was on "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday May 15 with his current Broadway co-star Toni Collette. The fan questions were all about Dexter, which bowed out last fall in a controversial series finale. Hall says he thinks the finale was appropriate.

"I think that he got what he decided he deserved," says Hall. "He exiled himself, because it became clear to him that interaction with the world and the people he cared about did nothing but ultimately destroy the people he cared about. ... I think he got what he deserved, I feel good about it."

Host Andy Cohen then says that fans were mad about the ending and Hall agrees. "I think they wanted something else, something more definitive, or happier or more satisfying, or maybe they wanted him to die. I don't know. But he didn't even get that out," he says.

Then Hall quips, "Now he just cuts down the bad trees."

But later, another caller asks if he misses the show and then if he'd be open to a spinoff series.

"Yes, I loved doing the series. It felt like getting away with something, it felt like getting away with murder, literally," says Hall. "Getting a job as an actor feels that way generally, but more to the point with 'Dexter.'

"As far as a spinoff goes, it's hard for me to imagine what that would be. I couldn't come up with that idea. If someone does, I'll look at it. But it's tough to say. ... Maybe I could have cameo appearances on a show called 'Masuka.'"

Watch two parts from his interview on the show here, and here.

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