John Lithgow Explains Trinity Killer's Continued Popularity

John Lithgow has had plenty of iconic television roles, but the one that continues to follow him was his one-season arc on "Dexter" as the Trinity Killer. During an interview on "Live with Kelly and Michael," he recalls the continued popularity of that character.

"The Trinity Killer perversely was so popular. Everyone just loved that season of 'Dexter,'" he says. "It was just this extraordinary expression of gratitude."

He continues, "It was a fascinating character -- a psychopath with a real compulsion who wishes he didn't have it. It tortured him; being that bad tortured him. ... There was a strange kind of sympathy for the devil about that."

Now Lithgow is working on "Once Upon a Time," though his role as the White Rabbit is a bit more hands off than his arc on "Dexter." According to him, he does all of his work from a recording studio.

"I feel like cat who ate the cream," Lithgow says. "I haven't even met the actors who I've been working with."

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