Former Showrunner Clyde Phillips Talks About the Dexter Season 8 'Leaks' and the Show After He Left

A couple of days ago, former Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips chatted with fans and answered questions on Reddit. Lots of fans asked him about the Dexter Series Finale leaks, and of course, the amazing Season 4 Finale and how he managed to keep it a secret.

On the leaks: Not sure what the leaks are that are out there. Never did controlled leaks. I respect the fans too much. Can't comment on them, but they're basically bullsh**t. We never shot the false ending. I've done several screenplays. Mostly uncredited production rewrites on scripts before they start shooting.

Season 4 Finale: As for rita's death: I wrote a false ending for the crew and cast, so it wouldn't be leaked. The real ending only was in my computer until we were ready to shoot. The network and others had to actually come to my office and read it on my monitor.

The reason he left Dexter: I left because I was shooting and living in L.A. and my family was in the east. It was time to be with my wife and daughter. I had significant creative control on Dexter. But I also had partners and showtime. As I said below: Best idea wins. Not about ego. About results.

As for the current season of Dexter, he agreed with fans that the show has slipped. I had a great idea for the end of Dexter that I never got to pitch. Too much to go into now. You have to see the final episode before I can comment on it.

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