Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 9 "Make Your Own Kind of Music" [Open Thread]

The ninth episode of the eighth and final season of Dexter aired two nights ago. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" is written by Karen Campbell and directed by John Dahl. Skip the jump to read our thoughts on the episode, vote and discuss, (in case you didn't).

+The episode picks up few hours after the end of "Are We There Yet?". Dexter and Hannah had sex once again at her hotel room. Dexter tells Hannah that he loves her.

+At Zach's studio, Dexter uncovers hair that he thinks Zach pulled off his killer and stuck aside for him to find. Dex is determined to find The Brain Surgeon.

+Vogel learns from Dexter that he wants to live his rest of his life with Hannah. Vogel doubts they could make it.

+Deputy Marshal Clayton is introduced in this episode. He's determined to find and arrest Hannah McKay.

+Deb returns to Miami Metro!!! As Detective, not as a Lieutenant.

+Dexter tells Deb that Zach, is dead.

+Dex runs a DNA analysis on the hairs he find on Zach studio. He finds out that the Brain Surgeon is related to Vogel.

+He tells Vogel about it, and she admits that she had two sons. Daniel and Richard.

+Vogel says that she found her son Richard at the bottom of a swimming pool, dead. She realized his brother Daniel killed him. She also claims Daniel aka Oliver Saxon died in a mental hospital in a fire.

+Dexter runs age regression photo analysis on a photo of Daniel as a child and, he finds out that Oliver Saxon, may be the Brain Surgeon.

+Dexter also learns about Deputy Marshal Clayton and he immediately informs Hannah about him.

+Hannah and Dexter visit an old good friend... Arlene. The aftermath was pretty cool!

+Deb and Quinn are having a dinner. Later he shows he that he's still in love with by kissing her. Deb is not surprised.

+Deb returns to her beach house to find Hannah! Dexter tells Deb that Hannah needs to stay at her house.

+Dexter needs proof about the Brain Surgeon. He steals garbage from Oliver's trash to try and match his DNA, which he does.

+Dexter goes to see Vogel, tells her about Daniel, and of course she is happy to hear her son is still alive, and doesn't want Dexter to kill him.

+Deb receives her badge from Batista. She's officially back to Miami Metro. That moment was simple, emotional and brilliant. Loved the background music. Brings back Season 2 memories.

+Deb returns back to her house. Hannah is cooking in the kitchen, Deb's surprised and she initially doesn't want to eat her food... for obvious reasons! After Hannah convinces her, we see Deb eating her food. What a... great dinner!

+Deputy Marshal Clayton visits Dexter at his apartment. He sees Harrison drawing himself with Dexter and a blonde woman. When he's asking Harrison who's that blond woman, he replied "my mom". So close!

+Dexter drugs Vogel using one of Hannah's potions so he can kill Saxon. He goes to meet Saxon where he was planning to meet Vogel.

+Saxon plays "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass Elliot on repeat a song he liked this song as a child.

+After a long wait Saxon leaves. Dexter follows him, he gets to his car, and he finds out that his tire has been slashed.

+He rushes to Vogel to warn her, but she wants them to leave her alone.

+Dexter leaves, and we see that Saxon is inside Vogel's house, ready for breakfast.

-SAD NEWS: Only three episodes left...

Grade: 9.0/10

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