Poll: Is Dr. Vogel the Brain Surgeon? What's Her Grand Plan?

With all the coercion, is it Dr. Vogel who is really the brain surgeon or is she just pulling strings? Perhaps she is manipulating the "psychopaths" as part of her own psychotic test. It seems she at least knows who the brain surgeon is; after all, Zach was murdered with his brain in Vogel's hand in a suspiciously minuscule timespan. Which leads us to the question: what is her grand plan? Why go through all this trouble convincing Dexter to look after her old patients and hunt a coerced ghost? The only other plausible explanation would be that Dexter and Vogel are being carefully stalked by the real brain surgeon. It definitely seems that the show is trying to coerce viewers into believing Vogel is the brain surgeon although I believe they're setting the story up for another twist. Follow this article's author on Twitter:
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