Dexter Vets Julie Benz and Jaime Murray Want Happy Ending For Dexter

Via Global News: Jaime Murray and Julie Benz – who were both in love with the titular serial killer on Dexter — shared their thoughts Saturday on how the series should come to an end on September 22.

Although their characters were killed, neither star believes Dexter Morgan should suffer the same fate when the show wraps up after eight seasons.

Murray, who played Dexter’s seductive Narcotics Anonymous sponsor Lila Tournay in Season 2, confessed she hasn’t been watching this year. “I will watch it all when it’s done,” Murray told Global News. “I’m not patient enough to wait week to week.”

So, how would she like Dexter to end? “Lila should come back and marry Dexter and they should go off together and have little psychopathic children,” said Murray.

Julie Benz, who played Dexter’s girlfriend and eventual wife Rita, also said she hasn’t been watching the final season. “I’m so far behind. I have to catch up,” said Benz, who was on the show for its first four seasons.

Benz said she hopes Dexter survives. “We can’t kill Dexter. We just can’t,” she said. “We should always have the potential to have a Dexter movie or something. “Maybe he moves away and starts in another town. I don’t know. We can’t kill him.” But Benz conceded anything could happen. “Nobody thought they could kill Rita either,” she said.

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