Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 1 "A Beautiful Day" [Open Thread]

"Because I don't fit Harry's Code". The end has begun! The first episode of the eighth and final season of Dexter debuted a couple of nights ago. The season picked up six months after Maria LaGuerta's death. We saw Deb acting completely different from other seasons, Dexter looking desperate, the new Harrison played by Jadon Wells and more. Read below our thoughts about "A Beautiful Day", and share your thoughts too, (in case you didn't).

That was one of the strongest season premieres in the history of the show.  Here's few things we loved about the episode.

+ The opening. Dexter's life after LaGuerta's death. No problems for him. The background music, a guitar version of "A Wonderful World" was nice too.

+ Batista thinks that LaGuerta deserved something more than a... bench!

+ Deb's whole situation.

+ Dexter desperately searching for Deb.

+ Jacob Elway (not Elroy). Seems like a great addition to the cast.

+ The Brain Surgeon Murderer. Interesting new serial killer for Miami.

+ Deb's f*cking password!

+ Jamie and Quinn. Actually not sure how I feel about that. Poor Jamie...

+ Batista gives Dexter a vase LaGuerta always had in her office. Dexter is still mad at her a says: "She died because she ouldn't leave things alone". Great quote.

+ The conversation between Dexter and Dr. Vogel in the morgue. Great acting from Charlotte Rampling (and Michael of course), especially in that particular scene.

+ Dexter calling Quinn on the phone. After all the things they've been through, that was pretty weird!

+ Dexter yells at Harrison about breaking LaGuerta's vase. He did you a favor Dex, admit it! The new Harrison was really cute in that scene!

+ Dexter kills Andrew Briggs. Jennifer Carpenter's performance in the motel was absolutely FANTASTIC. Give her an Emmy already!

+ El Sapo is after Deb now... Hmm!

+ Loved the moment where Dexter is to remove the blood stain from Harrison's toy. Brilliant moment. Great montage.

+ Dr. Vogel gives Dexter some creepy drawings from his childhood, he goes after her and we learn that she knows who Dex really is!!!

- One thing we'd love to see in the episode  is what happened after LaGuerta's death, maybe in a flashback. The writers decided to move on and that's OK!

Also, did anyone notice that after seven seasons, the screen of their cellphones is not blue anymore?!

Overall it was an amazing premiere. Such a good start.

Grade: 9,3/10

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