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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Watch: Dexter Season 8 News & Predictions with Emily Sofia!

Hey there, my fine ladies 'n gents! I'm back with another ridiculously long and in-depth vlog to walk you guys through the latest Dexter news, including the steamy new Entertainment Weekly Dexter/Debra photoshoot and super-spoilery story, Showtime's official behind-the-scenes video and introduction to the character of Dr. Evelyn Vogel, the new promotional photos from the first four episodes of the season, and more! So if you're looking for someone else's mad rants and ravings about the incredible wealth of information we've got on this helter-skeltery season, look no further than my humble review. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to ask any further questions or leave your thoughts and responses to my coverage of the Dexter news! (Warning: There are some pretty substantial spoilers throughout my review due to the fact that I'm digging into the EW story, which explicitly shares information on some upcoming scenes in the season!) Love you guys, and thank you for all of your support with the videos. Let's drink deep and get ready for the endgame! 

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