Post Mortem: Dexter Season 7 Episode 6 "Do the Wrong Thing" [Open Thread]

Oh boy! It's been 2 days since the latest episode aired and a lot of things has been said regarding the 'twist' of the final scene, between Dex and Hannah. "Do the Wrong Thing" was a great episode overall although it was a bit slow in comparison to the previous one. Hit the jump to tell us you thoughts about episode 7.06 (in case you didn't or, you have something more to add), to see the highlights of the episode which was written by Lauren Gussis and DexterDaily's review in GIF form...


-Dexter wants to give Hannah what she deserves. Harry, on the other hand says that she deserves a little slack because she was only 15 years old when she killed the female victim.

-Isaak in jail. He's badass as always!

-Dexter tries to show Hannah that he's not a threat and he's buying a plant for his apartment.

-Dex meets local crime writer Sal Price. He first appeares to him as a fan of his book 'Love on the Run', looking for some info regarding Hannah's dark past.

-Sal wants to date Deb but she refuses because 'her life is really complicated'. Poor Deb.

-Nadia finds Quinn's money in his car. She convinces him to return them back to George.

-Batista thinks to retire and buy a restaurant. Loved the conversation between him and Jamie
Jamie: "I mean hookers? Gross! Who does that?"
Batista: "Yeah... gross"
I'd love to see Batista telling Jamie about his past with the hookers. LOL

-Dexter breaks into the writer's room and steals a copy of the book he's working on.

-LaGuerta has another theory regarding the Bay Harbor Butcher. Another case from the past seasons is the the subject of the conversation between Deb and LaGuerta. "The Barrel Girls". LaGuerta says that the BHB must be the reason Jordan Chase (and his accomplices) disappeared.

-Hannah visits Dexter's apartment. Dex picked the wrong plant and Hannah brought him the right one. No, not convicing at all ms McKay. Loved the slow motion moment in Dexter's bedroom in that scene.

-Deb reveals to Dexter about Laguerta's theories on the BHB case and the Barrel Girls. She finally finds out about Lumen! "You had that tenant with the weird f*cking name. Lumen. You moved your girlfriend into the house where Trinity murdered your wife, so you could kill together?" Dexter's says that she did that because he felt guilty about what happened to Rita.

-Dexter asks Hannah for a date. She reveals some more details about her past with Wayne.

-One of the Koshkas blackmail Quinn to get rid of the evidence linking Isaak with the killing of their rivals. He heads straight to evidence to pluck the blood evidence from the file. Yes, Quinn you're a dirty cop!

-Dexter lures Hannah to a Christmas amusement park so she can fulfill a long fantasy of seeing snow in Florida, he ends up making it his kill room.

-He changes his mind and he ends up having sex with her instead of killing her! Did you love of hate that scene?

DexterDaily's review in GIF form:

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