The Song From the Dexter Season 7 Trailer

Many of you are wondering what's the name of the song from the Dexter Season 7 Trailer. It is called 'Change', by Deftones. Hit the jump below to listen to it!

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  1. FROM WHITE PONY ALBUM... MY VERY FIRST ORIGINAL CD I HAD ... I love how everything is connected!

  2. Really like the song, but wow, record labels shouldn't let rock bands do music video's anymore.

  3. Yeah, all music videos suck to me.

    Love Deftones. That album with this song is White Pony (released in 2000). Their best album to me. I recommend it. May not even be their best song off it too. Knife Prty, Passenger (w/Maynard from TOOL) are also standouts.

  4. So awesome to hear my favorite band with one of my favorite TV characters killing people to it. I hope they use the song in an episode or maybe even a different one. There are so many deftones songs that fit with Dexter. A few would be Prince, You've Seen the Butcher, Passenger...

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