Dexter Season 7 - New Set Photos - Episode 7.08

Hit the jump below to see some new set photos from the set of Season 7, and for episode 7.08 "Argentina" at Belmont Shore, Long Beach.


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  1. How do we post videos or pics?

  2. Just seen pics of Mr Hall 'oiling' himself in the sun.

    Good God. What is a girl to do? How am I supposed to concentrate for the rest of the day with THOSE kinds of images swimming around in my head?!

    I mean. I think I need help.

    1. See those shots at a website called fashionmagazine247

      I think. Sorry I'm crap at computer stuff... But definitely a look.

      Looks like Astor is going to be making an appearance... Unless that's not her sitting in the beach chairs with Dexter...

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