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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dexter Season 7 - New Set Photos - Episode 7.08

Hit the jump below to see some new set photos from the set of Season 7, and for episode 7.08 "Argentina" at Belmont Shore, Long Beach.



  1. How do we post videos or pics?

  2. Just seen pics of Mr Hall 'oiling' himself in the sun.

    Good God. What is a girl to do? How am I supposed to concentrate for the rest of the day with THOSE kinds of images swimming around in my head?!

    I mean. I think I need help.

    1. See those shots at a website called fashionmagazine247

      I think. Sorry I'm crap at computer stuff... But definitely a look.

      Looks like Astor is going to be making an appearance... Unless that's not her sitting in the beach chairs with Dexter...