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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Various Photos From Comic-Con 2012

Check out after the jump some photos from Comic-Con 2012, the Showtime booth, and more!



  1. You know John, you are awesome - this slightly eases the pain of not being there...


  2. pharmcy's closed LOL

  3. Thanks for this. But Homeland in the middle makes me laugh. Homeland come in tailgating Dexter's viewership at primetime, they rely on Dexter's audience in Ballroom 20 to show their new promo, but they still get the most prominent postion on the Showtime billboard. I understand the The Hollywood Reporter cover story and this move is all part of David Nevin's effort to promote his era of programming. I get that Homeland is targeted to be the next big Showtime hit to replace Dexter in 2 years but... they haven't done it yet, have they. Not classy. They know that people would never come in droves to meet Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, so why pretend it's their biggest show - at Comic Con, at least.

  4. If they made a Dexter-Homeland cross-over, that would be funny. Carrie hunting Dexter, or Dexter hunting Brody. Either one.

  5. I have exactly 5 minutes to travel 5703 miles. Dammit.

  6. claire and damian are stunning.