Dexter Comic-Con Panel 2012: "Hannah", "What Will Deb Do?", "Dexter's For the People" - [Videos]

See below three more Comic-Con 2012 videos from the Dexter panel uploaded by Showtime: "Hannah": Yvonne Strahovski discusses her character in season 7 of Dexter. "What Will Deb Do?": Jennifer Carpenter discusses whether or not Debra knows that Dexter is a serial killer. "Dexter Morgan is For the People": Michael C. Hall discusses the reactions he gets from people for playing a serial killer.

Hit the jump below for two more...

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  1. they are really funny!

    1. Yea, it looks like a lot of fun, a good time. Even if we've heard the same questions and answers a million times! :)


    2. exactly what i was thinking :)
      -Anonymous 3

  2. -"if there are any creepy people out there, then please write Michael."
    -" not really."

  3. Its great to see Yvonne there! will be interesting to see how she's used and how much. Imo they totally wasted the chance to have mch vs olmos on screen, it would have been titanic. I am so looking forward to this season its freaking unreal! ! !

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