Dexter - Comic-Con 2012 - Full Set of Meme Posters

Two days ago we first revealed the meme-inspired Dexter poster for this year's Comic-Con. Check out some more versions from Entertainment Weekly after the jump!

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  1. hahaha @ the last one.

  2. Who makes these? Showtime?

  3. I love them! And yes, it is Showtime who makes them.

  4. these are just patehtic....

  5. I am kinda bummed by these, i love the Meme idea, but this photo is old, the background is a bad Microsoft Paint remix... just looks shitty

    1. That's how the backgrounds is supposed to look like. Do you even know anything about the internet? Try looking up memes.

  6. I'm pretty certain whoever made these also made the first teaser which played dub step. Dexter's atmosphere is created strongly by its music. Dub step couldn't be further from that feeling. it was an obvious attempt to attach Dexter to a fad. These memes are just the same. At that, they're forced and therefore not funny. It's sad, really. Let's just hope whoever made the teaser, and the memes, isn't someone who has input for the writing of S7.

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