Dexter Vets Julie Benz and Jaime Murray to Reunite on New Syfy Series 'Defiance'

Via Former Dexter stars (and real-life pals) Julie Benz and Jaime Murray have both been cast in Syfy’s upcoming series Defiance. mSet in a dystopian future, the drama finds humans and aliens coexisting on a war-ravaged Earth that has been transformed by terra-forming machines.

Benz joins Defiance as Amanda Rosewater, the idealistic mayor of a burgeoning mining town who is resigned to maintaining peace within her community. Murray will play the “beautiful and proper” wife of Datak (Pillars of the Earth‘s Tony Curran), a member of an elite alien race. British actress Stephanie Leonidas also has been cast, as an extraterrestrial.

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  1. i loved to see both of them, in dexter, Spartacus or Hustle. So, this could be an awesome new show, with an excellent cast.

  2. This is awesome. They aren't the only Dexter pals teaming up! Desmond Harrington and David Zayas are both attached to film the movie Tell No Tales later this month. Here is the link for the press release.

  3. This TV show sounds weird as hell. But I will watch it because of these two.

  4. my cock burst in tears when i saw Julie benz , mmm mommie

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