Mos Def Changes His Name - Twice - on 'Dexter'

Article via: latimes: The artist formerly known as Mos Def may be confusing some fans of Showtime's "Dexter."

When he first appeared this season in a multi-episode arc of the popular series about a police bloodstain analyst moonlighting as a serial killer, Mos Def, who has won acclaim as a rapper, musician and actor, was credited as Mos. The actor plays Brother Sam, an ex-convict who may have mysterious plans even though he says he has reformed and is a man of God.

Network spokespersons said before the season started that Mos Def had dropped the "Def" and wanted to be credited as Mos.

But by the third episode, "Mos" had disappeared from the opening credits while another name, yasiin bey, appeared.

Showtime officials said the actor officially changed his name to yasiin bey a month ago and asked that the network use that name in the credits.

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