Latest From Ausiello - Episode 6.06 "Just Let Go" New Spoilers

Latest from TVLine's Michael Ausiello. New clues - hints about the major spoiler of episode 6.06 "Just Let Go". Click the link below to read the spoilers!

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about a major character returning to Dexter? True? Any clues? —Sandra
Ausiello: True. Someone from Dex’s past reappears this Sunday and here’s your one and only clue: The mystery man (or woman) in question was featured prominently in Season 5. Or was it Season 3? Come to think of it, it might’ve been Season 1. It’s definitely one of those three.

Question: Any chance we’ll see Lumen on Dexter anytime soon? —Olivia
Ausiello: OK, one more hint: The returning character IS NOT Lumen. “I don’t think we’ll see her again this season,” confirms EP Scott Buck. “She’s a very important part of Dexter’s life and who he has become, but she’s largely a person of his past.”

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  1. Has to be Brian aka Rudy because Lila was in Season 2

  2. hopefully it will be Brian :) my favourite villain on Dexter

  3. Guys, I think IT IS Brian the returning character. A few days ago he mentioned Dexter on his Twitter account about the cover of TV Guide Mag etc. He has reason to tweet something for DEXTER after these years.

  4. Brian aka Rudy is dead! It is going to be someone connected to Miguel Prada. Really wanted it to be Jonah or Trinity's wife though.

  5. The article said someone we thought was dead was coming back, Brian fits all the clues and spoilers I have seen.

  6. It is ITK read his tweets...he talks about a secret work thing and also he says click your heels three times and Rudy may come back. @rachal79

  7. God bless it's not lumen ;) Would be too soon to return...
    Hmm when its season 1, 3 or 5, then it can't be Jonah neither..
    Lets guess who is assumed to be dead, but not seen? Brian is 100% dead, dexter slice him up and we saw homicide found his dead body, right?
    Miguel Prado is dead too, because we see dexter strangle him and homicide found his dead body too. Liddy, he's dead aswell, we see dexter kill him and he was be found. So, where is stil left, who know about dexter?
    Maybe Harry? Could be, because we never saw him actually die and his dead was kind of mysterious for dexter (dexter didn't know that it was a suicide, but maybe that was also a lie, and Harry fake his own death for unknow reasons..) But after all.. this is amotherf***ing-crap idea.
    What the hell, I guess we will never guess because its somebody nobody would ever thought about...


    FAN: "@therealcamargo oh my god!! i loved your character in dexter!!! the best season and the best villian ever! besos desde argentina! :)"

    BRIAN: "@JomiAballay thank you. I love that guy too.If u click ur heels loud enough hopefully he'll come back. Start clicking! #Dexter"


  9. I agree with the above post. It is defintly Brian...a lot of different sources said it was someone we seen die and thought to be dead. His tweets say he has a work think he can't talk about. @rachal79

  10. It is Rudy Cooper. According to IMDB, stunt doubles have been cast for Christian Camargo in the 7th episode, Nebraska.

    I have solved the mystery.

  11. How many more ways can I tell you its Brian Moser?

  12. I seen the same thing and by his tweets on Twitter.

  13. okay, it seems like it is brian.
    But how? I mean, HOW did he survive? Dexter slices his damn throat. They found his dead body. I mean I loved that character, but how should a dead man return?

    As a ghost?
    A zombie?
    A freaking vampire?
    Maybe as Dr. Rudy "Frankenstein" Cooper?
    Or, and that is my personal worst-case-scenario, as an imagination like Harry?

    I cant imagine a way to bring him back without beeing ridicolous, can you?

  14. @Stefan, he will be like Harry.

  15. Wow, and that should be the "change of the whole dynamic"? Dexter just become a psycho with more "imaginary friends". Very creative, really. But maybe it will be better then I imagine now.

  16. I'm thinking Brian, as ^ says as a ghost like Harry

  17. This is just one more sign of the lethargy and lack of imagination that characterizes Season 6. I really don't care who Dexter's imaginary playmates are. I'd much rather see one of the Mitchell family return to out Dexter as Arthur's friend Kyle, or for the small child who saw him as Jesus come back as snotty teen to blackmail him, or something a little more complicated than Harry and Brian each on a different shoulder like an angel and a devil in an old-timey cartoon.

  18. While some of you may think adding Brian as a ghost lacks imagination, I think it'll add something cool to the show.

    Harry represents the code. Brian is going to represent the Dark Passenger. The early trailers for the season said "All hell breaks loose."

    With Brian back - I'm hoping we'll see Dex unleash some hell. Enough of this goody goody crap.

  19. Ha! I was right! Its CAMILLA!!! EAT THAT DOUBTERS!!!!

  20. Sure it's camilla, but she looks, acts and speaks like Brian.

  21. Oh yeah, Dexter should really quit this "goody goody crap". I mean he is still a serial killer. I don't like how the Show presents dexters kills, They are too much "goody goody crap" (I really like that phrase^^). I mean it's still about killing people and not about washing the dishes. When a serial killer appears as righteous hero, something went wrong.

  22. @ Marion. Jonah is supposed to make an appearance sometime this season.

  23. How can it be Brian/ Rudy, he bled out, Dexter dropped the trash bags in the ocean. I did wonder why he wasn't found when the other bay harbor butcher body parts were being found and identified though.......hum....

  24. Actually, Dexter didn't "drop trash bags" full of Brian anywhere. He left him hanging on his kill table for the police to find. Which they did.

    There is 0% chance that he is alive. ZERO. That being said, a "ghost" appearance is not out of the question.

  25. Why is Mollie still trying to say that is is Camilla who is coming back. CAMILLA IS F***ING DEAD, and it would make no sense to bring her back to the show. IT IS RUDY, BRIAN, THE ICE TRUCK KILLER, what ever you want to call him, he is the one who is returning not motherf'ing CAMILLA.

  26. Why can't t it be someone dead. Bet Dexter goes to tie up Jonah Mitchell with his dark angel Brian in tote. OR it's Camilla taking Dexter the opposite direction. Unless you know ..... you shouldn't doubt other's guesses

  27. apocalyptic sign #53: The writers bring an older character back in attempt to generate excitement when they have no real original material to write.

    Dexter is no longer a show it once was. Lets just hope it doesn't spiral down to the level of LOST.

  28. The returning chacracter is Jonah Mitchell. How can it be Brian? He's dead, Dexter killed him a long time ago, at the end of season 1. I was hoping it was Lumen, 'cause I just loved her, but I don't think she's coming back. It's Jonah, becuase this season is about Dexter's legacy to his son.

  29. Jonah is returning in later season 6 Brian/Rudy is returning as Dexter's dark passenger (so he will be a ghost similar to Harry).

    It changes the whole complexity of Dexter because Harry by Dexters side was always giving him good advice and offering reason and light, however now with Rudy by his side Dexter will not use the code anymore and his Dark passenger will be as strong as ever

  30. that was meant to be episode 6 not season 6

  31. Nobody said that the episode 6 twist would specifically change the show's DNA. The person who said that was talking about Season 6 as a whole. People simply jumped to conclusions and when the big episode 6 twist news came out people assumed that it would be what the person was talking about.

  32. Here's a thought... Ramon Prado!!

  33. I think the first clue we were given was in the last few episodes of the series...the ice truck killer evidence box...they could have used anything else but they chose something to bring us some memories back...

  34. Rudy will be Ryan's dark passenger. Maybe his half-sister?

  35. LOL whats the go with this Mollie person persistantly suggesting it's Camilla? WHat the fascination lol

  36. Brian takes over for Harry in Dexter's mind, and causes Dex to spiral out of control, ultimately getting caught, or killing someone he loves, and to go on the run. Season 7 is the final season, and depicts the team at Miami Metro hunting Dexter. They catch him at the end, and either kill him, lock him up, or deb catches him and lets him go free. The season 7 idea might be a little farfetched, but I believe Rudy will become a figment of Dexter's imagination, and ultimately be his downfall in some way shape or form. (He convinces Dexter to kill someone he shouldn't, or convinces him to disregard the code, and kill whoever he pleases.) Also there could be an ice truck killer copycat (Bree, Masuka's hot intern) and Brian returns as a "ghost" in Dexter's head to help him solve the copycat case.

  37. @ Rob V

  38. It would be Dexter's mother. :)
    What if she hadn't really die and all Dexter's flashbacks and inference were nothing but a delirium? ;)
    So he has no reason to be a monster and there is no sense in 'Dexter' as a serial. Thus 'Dexter' ends in season 6, and we gain another serial telling us how it all really was... :roll:

  39. HOLY FUCK!

    End Of Episode
    Dexter DROWNS Nick (The Mexican Sam Saved) and when he steps out of the water Brian is waiting
    "Hello Brother, Miss Me?"

    Roll Credits

    TMN Posted the episode on Demand this morning

  40. Arthur Mitchell's GhostNovember 6, 2011 at 3:55 PM

    Dexter and Brian head to Nebraska for two things--The ITK Hand, and most importantly...Jonah Mitchell who is out of hiding, and looking for Kyle Butler

    Sins Of Omissions
    Dexter returns from Nebraska, only to discover Gellar has killed Travis, and changed God's plan. As he attempts to recruit someone for his final killings, Batista catches him in the act and arrests him. meanwhile Deb and Anderson become closer when he tells her he's not married

    Get Gellar
    Gellar is interrogated by Batista but released on charges. Quinn, still heavily drinking breaks into Dexter's apartment in attempts to kill him, to hurt Deb. Unfortuatly for Quinn, Dexter is in the Lab with Masuka's New Lab Tech. Meanwhile On Harrison's Side of the apartment Jamie is studying for a finals exam.

    Ricochet Rabbit
    Dexter comes home to find Jamie Dead and Harrison splashing in her blood. Thinking it's Gellar, because of the confrontation at the station, Dexter flees the scene before Homicide arrives. Batista is heartbroken for his sister and blames Dexter. While staking out Gellar at the church, Gellar turns the tables and Dexteer's plan Ricochet's. Dexter is now part of Gellar's final step.

    Talk To The Hand
    Jamie's new boyfriend, Masuka's Lab Tech, discovers Jamie's death, and feeling bad for him, Masuka askes Laguerta for a full time position for him. Deb can'tstand her Lt. status any longer, as it tears her life apart, so she steps down. Anderson calls her a coward and she breaks up with him. Dexter escapes Gellar's Clutches but it's too late for everyone else.

    This Is The Way The World Ends
    Dexter finally kills Gellar and Brian disappears. Harry returns to help Dexter get back on track. He returns to the station only to discover Quinn has killed Anderson and they have Quinn in the Interogation room. Sadly Dexter thinks about a new victim, while everyone else investigates the Final Doomsday Killings. Quinn confesses to killing both Jamie and Anderson. Batista and Masuka's new full time lab tech spend the afternoon bonding at Jamie's grave. Dexter kills Quinn, deeming him unworthy of Society. Matthews Retires and Laguerta moves into his position. Dexter goes back to his apartment to find the whole building burning to the ground.

  41. Arthur Mitchell`s GhostNovember 6, 2011 at 4:24 PM


    Seemingly Blunt
    Dexter's new apartment has him lost in his thoughts. The salvaged Slides, though few, keep Dexter sane. Harrison's 3rd Birthday has everyone in a happy mood. But everyone is thinking...About Joey. Deb has dyed her hair blond to change her whole outlook on life. Batista has sold his car to pay the bills from Jamie's Funeral Expenses. With No Direction as of now, Dexter has nothing to do at the station and wanders other floors. He finds Ramon Prada, who has a new job for Miami Metro.

    Merry Christmas, Dexter
    Every year the whole idea of christmas makes no sense to Dexter. He remembers Brother Sam and the good times they shared. Ramon and Dexter awkwardly meet and hang out at the mall while Ramon's new wife and daughter do some shopping. For Christmas Deb just wishes a quite family meal consisting of Her, Dex, And Harrison at her house. Dexter stalks a Mall Santa to discover his obsession of young boys.

    The New Guy
    A New Lt. Comes to Miami from out of town. He starts running this stifly. Anton returns to Deb and Deb takes him back. Lewis and Masuka are hanging at Masuka`s place when Ryan breaks in to steal some of his belongings. Ryan seduces them into a threeway. Anton explains that some back things happened to him when he left, and that dark entity has followed him back to Miami. A man walks into a park and shoots a large number of people.

    Perilous Park
    While investgating the Crime Scene, Dexter realizes it has been tampered with, and the person who placed things in the crime scene, knows about Dexter`s secret. A Group of people in black cloaks attempt to blow up the crime scene area. and everyone gets out in time, except for Lewis, who loses a Leg. Batista arrests one of the men in cloaks and he is revealled as Ramon Prada.

    Shadows Of Illumenation
    Killings are popping up everywhere and Miami metro can`t get to them all in time, The NNew Lt. Declares this something bigger then anything ever. As they get to where the calls were made, the bodies are missing. Dexter gets a phonecall from Lumen explaining that The Mexican Coast Guard has Discovered bodies, and lots of them.

    Burnt Toast
    Ramon spills the beans of a large group of people doing this to get back at the government. But his story doesn`t seem to add up. Dexter heads to Mexico to meet up with Lumen to discover she`s been murdered. Mexican Officials Phone up to Miami to tell of Gellar`s body, and Laguerta re-opens the Bay Harbour Butcher Case.


  42. The return of Brian is symbolic that it marks the end to Dexter's code. Dexter is set free by Brian. In effect Dexter is no longer bound by a set of rules governed by Harry which was Dexters only means to the light. Brian is Dex's dark passenger now!!!Fuck'n A

  43. Everyone I've heard the returning character is Doakes, they never confirmed the burnt corpse was hiss... Think about it!!

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