Dexter Season 6 - Interview With Edward James Olmos

Via I ran into Edward James Olmos at the Television Critics Association party for CBS, The CW and Showtime. Olmos will be appearing on Dexter this season. By the end of our conversation, a crowd had gathered to hear Olmos’ thoughts on the science of living forever. I had his full attention though, and he even addressed me by name at a few points.

Who are you going to be playing on Dexter?
Edward James Olmos: I’m playing a professor of theology and it’s quite interesting. I really do practice what I teach so it becomes a really interesting understanding.

What kind of theology is it and how does it apply to Dexter?
Edward James Olmos: Most of the work that I’ve done is ancient, so it’s the roots. We ponder a lot of the roots of the basics about existence.

Is Dexter a show you followed for the past five seasons?
Edward James Olmos: No, no. As a matter of fact, I just caught up to it. They were very kind, they gave me all the episodes so I went through the entire five years. Read more after the jump...

How did the role come to you in the first place?
Edward James Olmos: They asked me if I would partake.

Were you looking for another series?
Edward James Olmos: No, I wasn’t looking. I really appreciated the writing. It’s very well written.

Is this professor of theology an equal match for Dexter?
Edward James Olmos: No, he outdoes him in almost every way. It’s really very dark. You mix religion and homicidal tendencies, you’re going to get into a dark space, the darkest of the five years.

How does Dexter cross his path?
Edward James Olmos: Well, you have to see the show because everything’s a spoiler. I never talked about Battlestar either because there was no way to talk about it. Every time you’d talk about it, people would ask me very pertinent questions. I’d try to make you understand and I’m stuck, because you really don’t want to know. What you want to do is experience it and that’s really the best way to see Dexter, as an experience.

When you talk about playing a dark role, is that something that sticks with you?
Edward James Olmos: I separate them. I’ve been doing this a long time.

Was there ever a time where you had to learn how to keep things separate?
Edward James Olmos: Yeah, basically at the beginning you try to understand what you’re doing. That’s why I got into it, because I was trying to understand what I was doing as a human being. Then you get to learn how to do it. After 46 years, you kinda get it.

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  1. he is a truly fantastic addition to the cast, defnintely the guest im lookin forward to the seeing the most and the scenes with him and Dex will be awesome!

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