Dexter - Episode 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things" - Sneak Peek #2

The second sneak peek for the Season 6 premiere episode of Dexter "Those Kinds of Things". Watch it by clicking the link below...

Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. I made a prediction in the comments about a week or two ago where the rumor was posted about this opening scene. Now that I've seen the entire episode - I totally nailed it.

    Feels good - especially since most everyone else was telling me I was wrong.

  2. Oh look at you go, Mr look at me. Have a cookie looser.

  3. I can't help the fact that I was right. Oh and before you go hurling insults like a punk at least learn to spell. It's "loser" moron.

  4. Pardon my english you pathetic attention parasite.

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