Dexter Season 6 - New Set Photos with Colin Hanks

New photos from the set of Dexter, with Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall). These photos are from episode 6.05. Click the link below to see them...

"They filmed inside a restaurant called Allesio, it’s a pizza and pasta place in Northridge on Reseda Blvd. and Superior St. I heard that their base was actually on CSUN’s campus! (Which was only a block away from the filming location.) I saw them film some scenes with Colin Hanks outside on the patio of the restaurant, his character (Colin) was talking to someone else in the scene, I dont know who he was though, he looked kind of old and has grey hair, they put up screens and lights and put up some plants. I think they were trying to make it look like day time, even though it was actually 8pm at night. They actually shot the patio scenes a couple of times and had Colin Hanks sit at different tables to see what worked better for the scene. After they shot the patio scene, they moved inside the actual restaurant, and they had a lot of lights in there too (to make it look like a hot day in miami??) and there were A LOT of extras on the set. Unfortunately, i did not see any of the main actors, and some of the crew members said that Michael C. Hall wouldn’t be there either. Since I wasn’t able to stay the whole time I can’t be sure that none of the main actors were there or not, because they started to film around 7:30-8pm and I heard they were filming until 2am."

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