Colin Hanks: "I Really don't want to be on Dexter's Table!"

Colin Hanks talked on stupidformovies podcast about the recently cancelled show "The Good Guys" and more. When he was asked to say something about Dexter he was very hesitant. "As with all things with the Dexter television program I can't neither confirm or deny anything about my involvement in this show. I'm in it though, I'm in 12 episodes! He also said that the he really don't want to be in Dexter's table "I really don't want to be in this place, It's not the plastic that makes Dexter's table creepy!"

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  1. Well, see you Colin. I do wish you wouldn't be lying on Dexter's table because once you do, there's no getting up for you. This is going to be another exciting and full of suspense season.

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