Aimee Garcia Dishes on Her Top Secret 'Dexter' Role!

Aimee Garcia, Harisson's new Nanny talks about her character. The interview contains season 6 spoilers
Very little is known about Aimee Garcia's hush hush role on the sixth season of Showtime's Dexter, except that Garcia will be playing the new nanny to Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) son, Harrison. We caught up with the lovely Aimee (who's part-Puerto Rican and part-Mexican) to get the inside scoop on what we can expect from the new season and whether she'll be playing Dexter's love interest.

Tell us about your character on Dexter!
She's super fun. She's cool, sassy, sexy and smart. She a Florida girl who moves to Miami to go to grad school — she's studying child psychology so being the nanny is the perfect job for her and she's actually very good at it. Harrison really takes to her and she kind of let's things roll of her back. She's the kind of girl you'd want to hang out and be friends with — she's carefree and kind of a lively Cuban spirit. Also, she's very comfortable in a bikini. The first time you see her, she's in a bikini. More after the jump...

Rumor has it she's Angel Batista's (David Zayas') little sister. Is that true?
Yes, and like most little sisters, she has her bratty moments with Angel, who's constantly telling her to cover up here and there and she's like, "How am I supposed to get my tan on?" I love the character — she represents this kind of great, fearless energy that you have when you're in you're in your mid 20s and you don't have any cares in the world.

Dexter's son Harrison had a different nanny last season, played by Maria Doyle Kennedy. What happened to her?
I don't know! I really don't have an answer. I don't know if she found another job or if it just had to do with Batista asking Dexter to help a brother out and hire his little sister.

It seems like your character is going to be hanging out quite a bit with Dexter next season. Do you think romance will be in the air between them?
The cool thing about being on the show is that it's like being in the military — I'm on a need to know basis. [Laughs] So it's good because it makes keeping secrets really easy, because you don't know what those secrets are. All I know is that I trust the writers, so we shall see. I mean, I'm definitely not opposed — he's an incredible actor and he's really amazing to work with. But she's Batista's little sister so it can get a little hairy.

Are you taking good care of baby Harrison?
[Laughs] The kids are so cool to work with — they're twins. It's funny because they kind of do their own thing, it's like animals and kids are fun to work with because if they're over the scene, they're just walking off set and you still have to keep going with the scene. And then they might get bored and then walk back into the scene! So it's really cool to have that wild card and baby Harrison definitely keeps me on my toes because he's two, but he definitely has a mind of his own.

Do you know how many episodes of season six you'll be in?
So far, I’ve been in all of them, so we’ll see! They've talked about the entire season, but again, I’m kind of just grateful for whatever is thrown my way. I mean, I am on board contractually for the whole season so hopefully it’ll work out!

Dexter has a very loyal fan base. Have you already started feeling the love?
The day after news broke that I had joined the cast for this season, people were contacting me from Brazil and Germany and all over the world and I started getting red in the cheeks. They were making blogs and websites and printing out my picture in front of the Dexter logo. It was just crazy, like this fervent fan-base and I can see why. You get obsessed with the show and I’m obsessed with the show!

What's it like working on the show?
I am living the dream. On the first day of shooting, Lauren Velez just came up to me and said, "I love seeing other Latinas here" with a great, big smile and I told her "This is my favorite show ever!" I’m so excited! Yesterday I looked to my right, and I just started naming the people that were sitting next to me: David Zayas was sitting next to me, Lauren was sitting next to him and Edward James Olmos was sitting next to Lauren and I just thought, "Oh, this is so neat that half the cast on this hit show this season are minorities, and a third — 33 percent — are Latino." That’s the ultimate goal, right? You just want to be on a well-written show with award-winning writers, with amazing producers and amazing directors and quality actors who just happen to be Latin.


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  1. what's with the "Latin" crap? Are you an American? I am starting not to like you already. And I love EVERYBODY on Dexter. This season that may change. Be proud of being an "American"....unless your "NOT?"

  2. Well, duh, it's from a website called Latina, of course she's proud of being Latin :]

  3. @ Anon: wtf.... if you would know, what its like to be part of a minority, you would get it. as a part of a majority, you have no clue, so don't judge something you don't really understand ;-)

    (also: imho to be latin doesn't mean you're not an american)

    btw: Aimee seems to be very cute ^^ can't wait for her and the sixth season!

  4. A new nanny for Harrison!! And she's pretty and sexy, and a Latin woman. And Batista's little sister. I like the idea.

  5. @ 2nd Anon: Well said. (People shouldn't talk about stuff they don't understand.

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