Dexter Season 6 - Episode 2 "Once Upon a Time..."

Few days ago we posted the title of the Season 6 Premiere. Now, here is the title of episode 6.02. It will be called "One Upon a Time..."! Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. looks like they are going back to the season 1 and 2 practice of connecting current events in dexter's life with dexter's past. Or it has something to do with the "ancient artifacts" they were talking about. I love to learn more about dexter's past especially his interactions with his sister. that aspect wasn't all that developed in the earlier seasons...his relationship with his father was the main focus back then. I think its time to go into dexter and deb's Debra keeps discovering more and more about dexter's secret life.

  2. I would really love to act in Season 6 !! :D

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