Michael C. Hall Insists He's Doing OK After a Crazy Year

Michael C. Hall is holding up just fine.

The Dexter actor — who has undergone treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and recently announced his split from wife Jennifer Carpenter has told friends he’s doing OK.

“It’s been crazy times and a crazy year, but I’m all right,” he said, according to the the USA Today newspaper.

Recent reports claimed Hall split from Carpenter because they were arguing over whether to start a family.

“Jennifer was extremely supportive of Michael when he battled cancer,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer, “and she never gave up hope of them having a baby.

“But after Michael recovered and was declared cancer-free, he decided he no longer wanted to have kids with Jennifer. She moved out shortly thereafter.”

It’s also claimed Michael’s close relationship with his Dexter costar Julia Stiles harmed his marriage.

“It was clear that Michael and Julia had chemistry on and off the set,” said the source. “Many of the those on the show asked if they were having an affair.”

Source: showbizspy.com

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  1. I wish they'd stop spreading those rumors about a Hall/Stiles hook up. It's so much more important that he's doing well physically after the cancer treatments.

  2. I love Dexter. I liked Michael and Jennifer as a couple. I am not sure I like Michael's post cancer persona. I guess a brush with death can change a man.

  3. i think he should get rid of that fuzzy beard xD i prefear the one he has on dexter

  4. The beard is for an upcoming role as Ulysses S. Grant in (I think) an HBO mini-series or film. I think he wears it well. :) What a handsome man!

  5. Michael is wonderful. Who cares about the bad stuff. He's the best and I hope he is happy, he should be. He works very hard for all of us. So he deserves happiness. I felt bad for him having cancer. He is a very awesome actor and a great person.

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