Latest From Kristin - New Season 5 Spoilers

New spoilers about season 5 from E!Online's Kristin. Click the link below to continue...
James in Dallas: Is there another Big Bad this season on Dexter? I mean, besides Dexter, ha ha ha.
Good question! He only lasts a few episodes, but Dexter's first prey following Rita's death is another serial killer so sick and twisted he really puts the Trinity Killer to shame. Although their scenes together are hilarious, the consequences of Dexter's involvement with this cunning madman wreaks havoc on his already chaotic existence. Being Dexter is very stressful.

Maria in Miami: Love the chemistry between Batista and LaGuerta on Dexter. Will they be enjoying wedded bliss this season or is their marriage on the rocks?
We asked Angel himself, David Zayas, about what the future holds for the happy couple on Dexter. "I'm a newlywed," he told us, "and with that comes a lot of complications." He's not joking—Angel and Maria (Lauren Vélez) might go straight from their honeymoon to conjugal visits!

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