Scott Reynolds Shares Images of 1973 Newspaper Props From the Original Series

Will these props make an appearance in Dexter: Original Sin as well?

Writer and executive producer Scott Reynolds, known for his work on Dexter, Dexter: New Blood, and the upcoming preequel Dexter: Original Sin, recently shared some intriguing memorabilia from the original series on his X account. He posted pages from a newspaper prop featured in the early seasons of Dexter.

The fictional 'Miami Metro News' newspaper, dated October 3rd, 1973, contains a report on the massacre at a Miami shipping yard. This brutal event, witnessed by Dexter and his brother Brian, involved the murder of their biological mother, Laura Moser. This traumatic experience was pivotal in shaping the brothers into the serial killers they later became.

Speculation is rife that this newspaper prop might make a return in the upcoming prequel, Dexter: Original Sin, which promises to delve deeper into the past of Harry and Dexter Morgan.

To view the full-size images of the newspaper pages shared by Scott Reynolds, click on each of the pics below.

The story also includes a testimony from Harry, who was at the crime scene and saved Dexter: 

"I've never seen anything so grisly in my life," said Officer Harry Morgan, the first officer on the scene. "They were tortured and terrorized before finally being killed with what appears to be a chainsaw. I can't imagine how a person could do this to another human being." At times, Officer Morgan broke down while giving his account of the scene. "It's an awful thing for a... for someone to have to witness, to go through. These were monsters."

The pages detail the tragic event inside the shipping container, which resulted in the deaths of two men and two women, including Laura Moser.

The additional columns in the newspaper are filler content reflecting true events from the early 1970s.

For a closer look, simply click on the images and zoom in.

Scott Reynolds himself contributed a column to the fake newspaper as well:

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