Sarah Michelle Gellar's First Day of Shooting and More: Dexter: Original Sin BTS Pics

Let's take a look at some photos from the past week, as shared by the cast of the prequel.

Dexter: Original Sin, the prequel show set in 1991 Miami, picks up as Dexter transitions from student to avenging serial killer and is currently filming its first episodes. The past week was quite busy for the cast members, though not all of them. Christina Milian, who plays young LaGuerta, is still in France where she currently resides.

So far, nine actors have joined the cast, and at least three of them are considered quite the stars. Keep scrolling to see what some of them shared via their Instagram accounts during the week.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Tanya Martin)

The famous actress, who plays the CSI Chief at the Miami Metro Police Department, shared two images via her Instagram account yesterday. Both images were from her first day of filming Dexter: Original Sin. The first photo shows the unofficial logo of the Dexter prequel and her character's name, probably taken from the studio's parking lot.

The second photo is from her trailer in the LA studio, where she took a mirror selfie while the makeup artist removed her cartilage piercing to prepare her for the role as Dexter's boss.

James Martinez (Angel Batista)

The actor portraying a younger version of the beloved Angel Batista shared a photo from his trailer, showing him in a bit of a dilemma over choosing between four hats for a particular Batista scene. Decisions, decisions...

Alex Shimizu (Vince Masuka)

Young Masuka actor Alex Shimizu teased fans by sharing two behind-the-scenes photos from the director's chair, showing his character's name...

...and the unofficial Dexter: Original Sin logo which is printed on the back.

BONUS photo: Patrick Gibson and Molly Brown (young Dexter and Deb)

Patrick Gibson (young Dexter) and Molly Brown (young Deb) make their first public appearance together since the announcement of their roles in Dexter: Original Sin. The party was held to celebrate Molly's birthday, which was on July 1st.

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