Young Deb Actress Molly Brown Celebrates Her Birthday on the Set of Dexter: Original Sin

The beautiful actress celebrated her birthday on the set yesterday!

Molly Brown, the actress who plays the teenage version of Dexter's foul-mouthed sister Deborah Morgan in the prequel, celebrated her birthday on set.

The show, currently filming in a studio in Los Angeles, began shooting various exterior scenes in Miami on June 5th. Every previously announced actor, except Christian Milian who plays LaGuerta, is currently in LA to film the first episode, written by showrunner Clyde Phillips.

Patrick Gibson, Molly's co-star who portrays the 20-year-old Dexter in Dexter: Original Sin, wished her a happy birthday by sharing a behind-the-scenes image from the show.

"Happy Birthday, lil sis!" Patrick said, referencing their characters in Dexter: Original Sin.

In the image above, Molly enjoys her birthday cake while using her jacket to hide her character's shirt for the day.  The pearl necklace she's wearing is also part of a scene being filmed between takes. It may also belong to Deb's mother, Doris, who had already passed away by then. If you look to the right of the screenshot, you'll notice a fake Miami view curtain, similar to those used extensively in the original series in Miami Metro windows and Dexter's apartment balcony.

Happy Birthday, Molly Brown!

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