POLL: Select Your Favorite Casting Choices For Dexter: Original Sin (Up to 5) From the 8 Actors!

Which of the eight actors announced so far are your favorite?

Dexter: Original Sin, the prequel series that begins before Dexter Morgan commits his first kill, is currently in production. After ten days of filming in Miami, the cast returned to Los Angeles to film the remainder of the first season in the studio.

So far, eight actors have been announced since the prequel became official last month. The latest casting announcement was a significant one: Patrick Dempsey has been cast as Aaron Spencer, the Captain of Miami Metro Homicide.

Patrick Gibson, Christian Slater, and Molly Brown will portray the Morgans (Dexter, Harry, and Deb respectively). Another notable casting is Christina Milian as Maria LaGuerta. 

The remaining Miami Metro characters include James Martinez as Batista, Alex Shimizu as Masuka, and Reno Wilson as Bobby Watt.

For this poll, we're asking you to vote for up to five of your favorite casting choices. Cast your votes in our poll below!

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