Dexter: Original Sin Scoop - Extras Needed For Time Period Shoot (70s & 90s) Scheduled In Miami

Flashbacks are back in Dexter: Original Sin prequel!

Dexter: Original Sin, the prequel series set in 1991 Miami, is currently on its third day of production in Miami, Florida.

Patrick Gibson (Dexter), Molly Brown (Deborah), Alex Shimizu (Masuka), and other cast members of the prequel series are filming various exterior scenes in the city as we speak. Filming in Miami wraps on June 15, and today we have a scoop about a certain scene that is scheduled to be filmed two days prior, on June 13.

According to an email screenshot (we decided not to share it here on Dexter Daily) sent by one of our Instagram followers, Showtime is looking for background actors for scenes set in the 1970s and 1990s, which will be the present time in the prequel. People who will be playing beach patrons should be willing to get a period-appropriate haircut if needed.

Of course, this isn't the first time we will be getting glimpses of Dexter's childhood years, as it happened many times through flashbacks in Seasons 1, 2, and 7 of the original series. An example of this is the image at the top of this post from Episode 4 of Season 1, "Let's Give the Boy a Hand," which shows young Dexter and Deborah enjoying a day at the beach in Miami, along with Harry and Doris Morgan.

That scene was filmed on the same Miami location for both the past (1980s) and present (2000s) sequences, and the same will be true for the scene scheduled for June 13.

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