Dexter: Original Sin Castmates Having the Time of Their Lives During the First Week of Shooting In Miami

The Dexter prequel is currently in its first week of filming in Miami.

Production for Dexter: Original Sin kicked off on June 5th, and most of the cast is in Florida filming all the exterior scenes to capture the authentic Miami vibe for the new series.

During the week, Patrick Gibson, the main star of the prequel, along with Molly Brown (Deborah) and Alex Shimizu (Masuka), were shooting various scenes at different locations around Miami.

Regarding the rest of the cast, we're not sure if Christian Slater (Harry) is even there filming scenes, as he hasn't been active on Instagram for a while. The same goes for actors James Martinez (Batista) and Reno Wilson (Bobby Watt). As for the most famous of the bunch, Christina Milian, she's currently on vacation in Paris, France. It's uncertain if she'll be flying to Florida next week to shoot Miami scenes.

Now let's take a look at what the three series regulars, Patrick Gibson, Molly Brown, and Alex Shimizu, shared via Instagram stories during the week. It seems like all the actors are having so much fun in Miami! 

Gibson, who will be portraying Dexter Morgan, shared the above and below photos teasing the unusual wildlife of Florida and the delicious Cuban food, which is a direct nod to Dexter's favorite cuisine!

Actress Molly Brown, on the other hand, shared an image showcasing the beauty of Miami through the waves of the ocean.

One of the latest casting additions to the highly anticipated Dexter prequel, Alex Shimizu, shared the image below showing him and Patrick Gibson riding their personal watercraft after shooting scenes for Dexter: Original Sin. And no, this isn't for a Dexter/Masuka scene of the prequel!

It seems like Masuka's actor is already done with the Miami scenes. That's the last shot he shared from Miami earlier today, with the caption "See you next time, Miami." Filming in Miami for the rest of the cast wraps up on June 15.

*Oh, it seems like it's confirmed that Vince Masuka will definitely have hair in the prequel!

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