POLL: Should Michael C. Hall Voice Young Dexter's Inner Monologues In Dexter: Original Sin?

Could Michael C. Hall provide his voice in the Dexter prequel series?

Six days ago, Showtime and Paramount+ revealed more information about the cast of the highly anticipated Dexter prequel series, focusing on the early years of America's favorite serial killer. Dexter: Original Sin has found its own Dexter in the form of Irish actor Patrick Gibson. The 29-year-old actor will portray 20-year-old Dexter in a prequel set to start production in the next couple of weeks.

Michael C. Hall will also return to the Dexter franchise, this time as an executive producer for the new series. Since the prequel's first announcement back in February 2023, Dexter fans have been asking for Michael C. Hall to reprise the role of young Dexter by simply adding a wig, as he did in the flashbacks of the first two seasons. Most of these requests are, of course, in jest.

Given that Michael C. Hall won't be reprising his role as Dexter due to the significant age gap and his own desire to move on from the character, do you think he would agree to lend his voice for young Dexter's inner monologues?

What do you think? Do you want Michael C. Hall to voice Dexter's inner monologues in the prequel, or should the producers let Patrick Gibson fully shine in the role of young Dexter?

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The poll results will be announced 24 hours after the poll is published.

[UPDATE] The poll results are here:

24-hour Instagram poll results after 2,015 total votes:

83% of fans expressed their interest in seeing Michael C. Hall make a comeback to the franchise by voicing Dexter's inner monologues.

11% want Patrick Gibson to do Dexter's voice-overs.

6% are unsure about what to vote regarding this.

The results are not surprising at all, but the goal of this poll was to see the percentage of fans that want Michael C. Hall to return for the voice-overs. More polls like this one are coming in the next few weeks.

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