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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Big Announcements About the Dexter Spinoffs Are Just Around the Corner

The WGA strike is officially over, so brace yourselves.


It's been eight months since it was announced that the Dexter franchise will expand with several spinoffs based on Dexter and Dexter: New Blood characters. After five months of complete silence, a result of the Writers Guild of America strike which just ended after five full months, it looks like we're closer than ever for more spinoff news! A couple of days ago, on the 17th anniversary of Dexter's debut, Showtime celebrated the day with a Season 1 post on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter/X and Instagram) plus, announced their new Dexter-related TikTok account. The daily Dexter content from Showtime keeps on going as we speak.

Today's post via the @sho_dexter account on IG:

On February 6th of 2023, and after several reports from reliable sources, Showtime and Paramount+ both released a press release that pretty much confirmed they have been working on a variety of prequels. The first one is based on the college years of Dexter Morgan, the other one about the early years of the fan favorite villain Trinity Killer, and a sequel series to Dexter: New Blood starring Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan. 

After that press release we didn't get anything new at all, and the main reason for that was the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike which lasted for almost five months from May 2, 2023 and ended just few days ago, on September 27.

What to expect from Showtime in the next few days?

Our prediction is that things will get even more official this time around. Actors, producers, and writers will be able to finally share the news via their social media accounts, something they unsurprisingly didn't do due to their contracts with Showtime and Paramount+.


Also a new title for the prequel series which is temporarily titled 'Dexter: Origins', and an official title for the Trinity series and the sequel to Dexter: New Blood. All of them followed by their logos. Don't be surprised if one of these shows will be scrapped and replaced with another prequel. (Ice Truck Killer prequel we're looking at you!)

This is just conjecture, but you have to stay tuned here on Dexter Daily for all the updates. A new era for the Dexter franchise is around the corner, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, X, and Instagram for the latest news!

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