Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, and Jennifer Carpenter Reunite After a Decade at Steel City Con!

Dexter, Rita, and Debra come together for a mini Dexter reunion!

Steel City Con/Instagram

During the second day of Steel City Con which takes place in Pennsylvania until tonight, we had another anticipated reunion, this time with the three main Dexter protagonists of the first four seasons. Michael C. Hall, and co-stars Julie Benz and Jennifer Carpenter appear together at an event after almost a decade (the last time was at the Dexter Season 8 premiere in early June of 2013).

Fun fact: Julie Benz when through SO many troubles in order to attend the Steel City Con. According to her IG stories and the travel updates she gave to her followers, she lost a bunch of flights, but after a lot of suffering (48+ hours) she finally managed to go to Pennsylvania.

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