David Zayas Defends the Finale, and the Batista/Dexter Confrontation That Never Happened: "It [Was] the Smart Thing to Do"

"I thought the ending was great", Zayas said.


Last Sunday, cast members of the original Dexter series including James Remar, David Zayas, C.S. Lee, and Erik King gave a panel at Steel City Con. The 40-minute panel also included various Dexter-related questions from the fans, and one of them made David Zayas feel a little bit uncomfortable. When asked if he was willing to talk about his thoughts on Dexter dying before Batista was able to meet him after almost a decade, he defended the writers' decision:

"Good question. When I appeared in New Blood... be honest, everybody thought that I was gonna go and confront him, correct? So the opposite happened, and I feel like everybody gets criticized, the writers get criticized, but it's the smart thing to do, to create a circumstance that people are expecting, and then take it to a different place. I thought the ending was great."

Then an audience member responded that it wasn't, which made David sarcastically respond that "we could do over". Watch that part of the Q&A below, starting at 20:23.

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