Dexter: New Blood Castmates Talk About the Finale, and Filming Dexter's Final Scene Early: "Lucky Day 13..." [Showtime FYC Panel Videos]

Michael C. Hall: "Day 13. Lucky day 13."

Jack Alcott/Instagram

As we mentioned in our previous post, last Thursday, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jack Alcott, and Julia Jones reunited in New York for Showtime's Emmy campaign for Dexter: New Blood. Unfortunately there are not any official videos available from the actual panel, but thanks to an audience member we got a glimpse at what they discussed during that day. Watch the videos below!

Michael C. Hall addressed people's negative reactions to Dexter Morgan's final scene by claiming that they "shot the final scene relatively early". Then he joked about the number of the day they filmed the divisive scene where Harrison kills Dexter: "Day 13. Lucky day 13". [Laughs]

Swipe to the left or press the right arrow to view the videos!

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