Clancy Brown Talks Dexter: New Blood, Kurt Caldwell, Being Wrapped In Plastic on Dexter's Kill Table and More [Video]

Four months after the finale, Clancy Brown talks going toe to toe with Dexter.

Showtime/ GoldDerby

"Dexter kills these serial killers in order to save the world, and Kurt kills these women in order to save them from the world". In a new interview with Gold Derby, Dexter: New Blood co-star Clancy Brown talked about playing the big bad of the season Kurt Caldwell. He revealed what it was like working with Michael C. Hall and Jack Alcott, and shared some cool behind-the-scenes details about Dexter's knife right before taking out his victims. Watch the interview below!

Regarding Kurt's final scene, Clancy Brown said: "My biggest problem was that I'd be tied down, and it's a pretty long scene... I might start cramping. It's not too claustrophobic, you can get up if you have to, they are too sensitive about it. Glad they didn't strap my head to it."

He added: "It's not entirely comfortable, not at all. The worst part about it is when the pretend blood starts leaking out and getting all over the various cracks in your body that are exposed."

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