Michael C. Hall Says It Was the Show's Decision To Play His Band's Song 'Ketamine' on Dexter: New Blood

Michael told PopCulture he never pictured a song of his band would be on the show.


Back on December 5th, 2021, during the end credits of episode 5 "Runaway" the fan-favorite "Blood Theme" by Daniel Licht was replaced by the song "Ketamine" written and sung by Michael, with his band. In a brand new interview with PopCulture.com Michael C. Hall talked about the band's upcoming tour across the U.S. this spring, and he revealed that he actually never thought a Princess Goes To the Buttefly Museum track would be a part of the new season.

Michael: "Honestly, I left it up to the music supervisor and other people to decide when and if they thought a song of our band would fit into the season, and I got an email saying that they wanted to play "Ketamine" on the end credits of the fifth episode. It's a tongue-and-cheek reference to the fact that Dexter in this new season, is not what he used back in the day, but in this new season to knock out his victims he was using ketamine that he'd stolen from a vet's office."

He added: "By no means was that in my mind when I wrote the song, but there was that resonance and there was also something sonically at that moment in the season as that episode ended that just felt right to the people who are making these decisions, and I agreed. I was thrilled. If anything else maybe people heard it and liked it, maybe some wondered if that was me singing of just like the song, and explored it from there. It was a nice maybe not so heavy-handed way to insert a little 'Princess' into the Dexter reboot."

Watch the interview below!

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