Johnny Sequoyah Talks About Her Memories From the Set of Dexter: New Blood, Her Role as Audrey Bishop, and Life After Dexter

The talented actress who played Angela's daughter, talks Dexter and more!


"My favorite part was seeing how creative and clever the fan base is with their theories!" Schön Magazine recently sat with Johnny Sequoyah to talk about Dexter, her memories from the set, her plans for the future and more. 

You started acting at a very young age. How did you decide you wanted to be an actress, both as a child and continuing into adulthood?

For as long as I can remember, acting has been and continues to be my main passion and what I aspire to do. I spent most of my childhood on the sets of my parents’ indie films learning about storytelling and falling in love with acting. The older I got, the more passionate I felt about it, and the more I begged my parents to let me audition. I even made a PowerPoint presentation to convince them to let me go on my first audition. It was an NBC series called Believe, and to all of our surprise I booked the role! And that was the beginning of my journey.

Let’s talk about your recent work, Dexter: New Blood. You played a character in one of the most legendary TV series of all time. How did you land the role, and who was the first person you told when you did? 

I had not seen Dexter before auditioning, so I watched some episodes, sent my tape in, and continued to watch the show. A few weeks later, I had a Zoom callback with casting, which was especially exciting because I was hooked on the show! Some time went by, and I was still watching, until one day my wonderful team (who I’ve been with since the start) called me and told me I was moving to Massachusetts for seven months. It was surreal! I told my parents first because they are my biggest supporters.

When first reading the script, how did you connect with your character Audrey?  

Reading the scripts I connected with her immediately. I loved meeting her for the first time at the protest and how sassy and quick-witted she is. I saw that streak of fire in her continue throughout the scripts and felt it was something I could connect to and hopefully bring to life.

What was your favorite part about seeing the show be released and getting to see fan reactions?

My favorite part was seeing how creative and clever the fan base is with their theories! They were coming up with some insane plot lines and endings I never would have thought of. I also loved all the memes, which I always send to my cast mates.

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What was the most memorable part of making Dexter: New Blood?

Every day felt memorable in its own way, but I think my favourite time was the weeks we spent in Shelburne Falls aka “Iron Lake”; our production took over this beautiful little town and made a Christmas wonderland in the middle of Spring. It was fun to see the locals so excited about us being there; they would come with lawn chairs and coolers to watch us film, so we had a live audience!

Born into a family from Idaho and NYC, you grew up in Los Angeles. How has this diversity of influence affected your life?

I was born and (mostly) raised in Los Angeles but spent my early years growing up in Idaho and NYC where my parents are from. The regional diversity between the three places has definitely shaped me in a unique way. I think anyone who has moved a lot knows that it creates a sense of independence and curiosity about the world.

Dexter: New Blood was filmed under COVID-19 safety protocols. How do you think COVID-19 has changed the industry?

I think COVID has changed the industry significantly; I really felt the impact on set dynamics and how people were able to connect with each other. Shoutout to our amazing COVID team because we went seven months filming without shutting down!  

What inspires you in your daily life?

I am inspired by self-care and learning new things in my daily life! Whether I am journaling, reading a book or taking my dogs on a hike, there is nothing more inspiring than cherishing the little moments that bring me joy.

What are your plans and goals for the new year?

I plan to step outside my comfort zone and challenge myself to new forms of learning and growing. I’d say my main goal is to keep working and doing what I love!

How have you been spending your time recently?

Recently I’ve been spending my time thinking about the world, trying to understand current events and how I can do my part. 

Do you have anything else upcoming you’d like to share?

Upcoming for me is continuing to audition, as well as developing some new projects and ideas of my own.

What are you looking forward to right now?

I’m looking forward to this summer and spending time with my friends and family! Which will definitely include some time riding horses.


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